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Introduction to End Jew Hatred


Launched by The Lawfare Project in the US in Fall 2020, End Jew Hatred is a Jewish civil rights movement, that is decentralized, grassroots, action-oriented, seeking justice for Jews in response to antisemitic attacks, discrimination, falsehoods, and vilification.

It is patterned on the success of other social justice movements, noting that those movements themselves have excluded Jews, even falsely blamed Jews for injustices they experience, conflated Jew hatred and AntiZionism, used ancient tropes and invented new ones, and perpetuated lies. Jews have become inoculated to these insults and injuries but must stand up for our rights and for justice, for ending Jew hatred! Actions speak louder than words, actions must be well conceived, visible, emotional, direct, legal.

The Lawfare Project is providing strategic advice, financial, logistical, tactical, media and legal assistance, shared resources, training, and other supports. Collective action is important. End Jew Hatred is reaching out to Jews in all segments of society, to support the movement. Individuals and organizations in Canada can identify targets, collaborate on tactics, work under the banner of EJH Canada, if such action is goal-oriented, achievable and within legal guidelines.

Foundational Documents

A full explanation and documentation is found on the website. Below is an excerpt with specifics on the movement.

What is End Jew Hatred?

  • End Jew Hatred is a decentralized grassroots civil rights movement fighting for Jewish liberation and justice through peaceful direct action. Jew hatred better describes the age old hatred that blamed Jews every conceivable evil, tragedy, illness, lie. Antisemitism is a word that has lost its meaning in a society that chooses not to understand its full impact potential dangers. It is a word coined by an antisemite, to describe his hate.


Who Is End Jew Hatred?

  • The people who care to join the movement of Jews and non-Jews who are no longer willing to tolerate excluding and marginalizing Jews and who want full liberation for the Jewish people.

  • Anyone who wants to rewrite cultural scripts about Jews.


Why End Jew Hatred?

  • Why, you think we should keep Jew hatred?

  • Jew hatred is returning to the cultural sphere, we have to stop it before it gets stronger.

  • Current approaches to fighting antisemitism are not working.

  • Jew hatred is weak enough where eliminating it is a real possibility. 


Why Now?

  • Civil rights activists from marginalized groups across the spectrum are demanding lasting transformative change. We are excited about the possibility of building a new society which respects all, and want to see Jews thrive as a result.

  • In our polarized society far-right, far-left and other extreme movements are mobilizing to spread poisonous ideologies. Jew hatred is a common thread between them all. If we do not mobilize we could see Jews suffer greatly in America and Europe.


What About Israel?

  • Our Zionism as a movement begins and ends with a commitment to the Jewish right to live in the land of Israel with self-sovereignty. Everything else is up for discussion and partner organizations and activists are not expected to agree.

  • Zionism is part of our cultural identity and heritage.

  • We reject the requirement of Jews to hold a particular stance on Israel to be considered socially admissible to any and all areas of life including the social justice sphere.


How Does End Jew Hatred Work?

  • We engage in direct action to impose consequences on Jew haters. For example, we were responsible for getting Zoom to bar Jew hating terrorist Leila Khaled from radicalizing college students on their platform.

  • We engage in media advocacy to reframe the conversation about Jews through an emancipatory civil rights lens.

See video and press with spokesperson Brooke Goldstein, Founder and Director, The Lawfare Project:


One of the strengths of any organization is in its partners and supporters. We are proud to have the following organizations stand side by side with us in our mission to End Jew Hatred. If you would like to join us as a partner, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

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