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April 25, 2021

End Jew Hatred Canada in support of Toronto Jewish Advocacy arranged for signage and participation in a vigil to acknowledge the injustice of the French court in not finding a guilty verdict of the antisemitic murder of Sarah Halimi by her Muslim neighbor. He was let off on the grounds he was high on marijuana, while it was already known he had threatened her and posed a risk.

On April 25, 2021 citizens of Toronto joined with those in Paris, Lille, Marseille, London, N.Y.C., Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Washington D.C., and other cities around the world in demanding “justice for Sarah.”

Dr. Sarah Halimi z’l’’ was a 65 year old Parisienne doctor, teacher, mother and grandmother, who was brutally and savagely murdered by a 27 year old unemployed immigrant from Mali who is a drug dealer with 22 contraventions against him. After stabbing, beating and torturing Dr. Sarah for over an hour, he threw her over her 3rd storey balcony, screaming “Allah Akhbar.” Why?

Dr. Sarah Halimi was a Jew.

Last week, the French courts reconfirmed that the murderer could not be tried because he was on “high on marijuana”. The world does not accept this lame excuse.

Toronto’s protest was organized by 26 year old Samantha (Sami) Cooper, a Thornhill resident, assisted by Vivienne Ziner, a well-known activist, and Andria Spindel, Executive Director of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation and #EndJewHatred. As Toronto is in serious lockdown, a car vigil of over 70 cars drove south on Yonge St to the French Consulate in Toronto, and for over 45 minutes honked their horns while Ms. Cooper addressed them in English and Ms. Ziner spoke in French, demanding justice be served.

Toronto Police were in attendance and the organizers thanked them for their consideration and guidance. People of many faiths have joined in the call for justice, and the newly launched Council of Muslims Against Antisemitism was amongst the first to send condolences and support.

A memorial with flowers and candles stands at the French Consulate. Without justice, there is no Republique and the world demands “Justice for Sarah!”

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