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Mission Statement

End Jew Hatred is a grassroots movement fighting for Jewish liberation and justice through peaceful direct action.


Civil rights activists over the past century have made tremendous strides in securing legal and social equality for their communities, in particular women, the LGBT and the LGBTQ+ community. Inspired by their success, we demand a world in which Jews can live free of discrimination, hatred and oppression. A world in which our civil rights and human rights are protected by laws, and our inclusion in society is backed by societal, legal and economic consequences for those who dare violate our rights. 


We demand a world in which our historical trauma and minority status is acknowledged and our value as a people is recognized and empowered by a society that accepts us. Like other forms of hatred, Jew hatred is structural and systemic, and has been a fixture of Eastern and Western societies for 2,000 years. It’s time to end it.


For hundreds of centuries, Jewish culture and identity have existed in Christian and Islamic worlds that hated and oppressed us. We were controlled and effectively colonized - our ethnic identity and culture held in contempt or erased and our lives, opportunities and destinies determined by others. We seek to decolonize Jewish experience and reclaim what it means to be a Jew for ourselves. We demand an opportunity to express an authentic Jewish culture devoid of negative external influences or control.


We will not be entangled in Middle Eastern politics and we repudiate the requirement for Jews to defend or reject the policies of Israel as a condition of acceptance. Zionism is our political national liberation movement, part of our cultural heritage and an expression of Jewish pride. It is racist to deny Jewish people the right to self sovereignty.


Only by reclaiming our own narrative power can we end the pernicious conspiracy theories of Jew hatred.


We work to empower Jewish communities and our non-Jewish allies by supporting on-the-ground activists and leaders. Our movement is committed to inclusivity and we welcome all from across the religious and political spectrum. Peaceful direct action is our way of forcing the powerful to abandon their prejudices and unjust systems which have been exclusionary and harmful to Jews for too long.


Our vision is nothing less than total social, cultural and political liberation and redemption for the Jewish people.


We reject:

  • Attempts by non-Jews to define Jew hatred

  • The entanglement of Jewish civil rights with Middle Eastern politics

  • Economic discrimination against Jews disguised as activist boycotts

  • Partisan political affiliations

  • The complacency and timidity which have characterized the Jewish establishment for too long

  • Liberation that does not center love, self-actualization and empowerment

  • Using Jewish success as a way to shut down allegations of Jew hatred


We demand:

  • An end to Jew hatred in all its forms

  • And end to violence and calls for genocide against Jews

  • An end to anti-Jewish violent terrorism, against Jews and Jewish places of worship

  • Social (legal, financial) consequences for Jew haters

  • Academic redemption and the decolonization of the campus space

  • The abolition of symbols of Jew hatred and the the glorification of Jew haters

  • An end to bigoted, hateful or stereotypical representations of Jews in the media

  • Positive, fair and accurate representation of Jews in the media

  • An end to the imposition of litmus tests on Jews over Middle Eastern politics

  • An end to workplace discrimination against Jews

  • An end to the use of social media to censor activism for Jewish civil rights

  • An end to the celebrity culture of Jew hatred and stereotypes

  • Police protection against violence targeting the Jewish community

  • Full liberation and equality for our people

It is not enough to say Never Again. Our cultural script must be rewritten so that Jew hatred is no present. We are seeking a seismic change where the targeting of Jews as a minority community will be eliminated. 


A world without Jew hatred is possible. Join us to make it a reality.

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