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Launch of End Jew Hatred Canada

End Jew Hatred CANADA
(founded December 2020)

The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation has joined the EJH movement as one of the partners, to spearhead the founding of a Canadian movement with regional or municipal chapters.


EJH, under the leadership of CAEF and guidance of EJH Central, has formed a Steering Committee of skilled and committed individuals with a range of backgrounds and affiliations to identify targets, enlist supporting individuals and Canadian NGOs to take down the Jew haters.


Regional hubs will be established to better serve the needs of a geographical and diverse Canadian population.




As part of the EJH grassroots movement centering on Jewish liberation from all forms of oppression and discrimination, EJH Canada is working to eliminate Jew hatred from Canadian culture through peaceful direct action, Jewish unity, and education.




A world without Jew Hatred.  Rewiring society-at-large so Jew hatred is no longer an acceptable part of society while making End Jew Hatred a just cause that all speak up to support.

Strategic Goals

  • Empower Jews to rise to the challenge of bigotry 

  • Empower young Jews with positive views and the strength to discover and enjoy their heritage in whichever manner they choose, without fear of attack or persecution

  • Build an unapologetic, proud unifying Jewish voice with a shared vision for maximum impact.

  • Create and proliferate a decentralized local community-based leadership structure where local Jewish communities are supported by on the ground by activists and leaders

  • Support peaceful direct action to secure justice for Jews, including through political, financial and legal means

  • Demand that leaders deal with Jew hatred and antisemitic harassment the same way as they would respond to all other forms of bigotry.


Re: Israel and Zionism 


We support Jewish national sovereignty. Zionism is our political and national liberation movement and we will not be told to reject it. We support Jewish national sovereignty.  We will not be entangled in Middle Eastern politics and we repudiate the requirement for Jews to defend or reject the policies of Israel as a condition of acceptance. Nor do we accept the right of non-Jews to attack Jewish self-sovereignty and political redemption. Instead, we work to decolonize Jewish life and Jewish bodies.


Applying the movement to the situation in Canada


Here in Canada, as elsewhere, we see that Jews have supported the social justice movements for Black rights, equality for LGBTQS people, indigenous rights, climate change, and other social/cultural/economic/political issues. Yet today, there seems to be no room on the left for, or concern about, Jew hatred which continues to proliferate.


By making End Jew Hatred a just cause that all speak up against proactively and organize locally, we can change this to recognize that Jew hatred is structural and systemic and must be countered at all times.


Summary notes of EJH Canada meeting, December 29th, 2020

  Principles enunciated by End Jew Hatred Central representative

  • EJH will build unity across the Jewish community

  • Don’t politicize Jew Hatred

  • Don’t relate to the Middle East conflict of politics

  • Zionism is NOT a political point of view; it is an integral part of Jewish religious identity

  • Support for Zionism is a civil rights issue not a political issue.

  • BDS is illegal commercial activity against a people because of their identity

  • End Jew Hatred is about Justice for Jews

  • End Jew Hatred is about decolonizing Judaism

  • End Jew Hatred is a civil rights movement

  • End Jew Hatred will impose consequences for Jew Hatred

  • End Jew Hatred will take direct action against Jew haters

  • End Jew Hatred will use legal, strategic, tactical and financial means to support the Jewish community and mobilize it to end Jew hatred

  • End Jew Hatred will recruit influencers in Canada to share the message

  • End Jew Hatred is about transformative Justice

  • End Jew Hatred will create safe spaces for students and others to discuss their experiences of Jew hatred on campus and elsewhere


End Jew Hatred Steps from Formation to Action

  • Individuals to sign on to EJH, form a regional chapter, designate contacts for various functions

  • CAEF to be recognized as a partner by EJH Central

  • Adopt Mission and principles of EHJ

  • Create working volunteer structure

  • Assign leaders to training program with EJH Central

  • Assign influencers to social media roles

  • Determine strategic goals that address changing the Canadian culture

  • Identify potential targets, investigate their backgrounds and options for direct action

  • Review all strategies and targets with EJH Central which may provide skills and resources

  • Prioritize targets after considering legal, ethical, financial, PR considerations

  • Take action, record action, evaluate action

  • Proposed structure

  • This is a movement not a legal entity but it needs a few organizing principles to function and to relate appropriately to the EJH Central body in NY. CAEF has taken the lead in organizing so proposes the following structure and roles for volunteers.

  • EJH Canada Co-Chair, and rep to EJH Central—Anita Bromberg, CAEF President

  • EJH Canada Co-Chair, and Steering Committee member—Andria Spindel, CAEF Executive Director

  • EJH Canada Steering Committee--a body of no more than 15 people, including representatives from regional chapters when formed, and the chairs of projects or committees such as PR and Communications, Research, Outreach/membership, Training, and Resource Development.

  • Communications and PR Committee—develop communications’ strategies that build awareness of EJH Canada and support each project, utilizing traditional and social media, and public relations activities. The Committee will work with a team and seek approval for strategies and tactics from the Steering Committee of EJH Canada, and consult with EJH Central as appropriate.

  • WhatsApp subcommittee of Communications--maintain and grow communication among all members of the SC, sub-committees and chapters, and determine how and when to establish local whatsApp groups.

  • Membership Committee--respond to all requests from interested parties, develop and maintain a database of members, identify members for chapters, refer members to groups or tasks. Consideration need be given to creating student/campus chapter.

  • Training Committee—identify training needs and opportunities and match appropriate participants to the training programs. Collaborate with EJH Central to access training programs, and expand by deploying Canadians who complete training. Maintain data on people trained.

  • Resource Development Committee—responsible for identifying and arranging for EJH material, such as banners, posters, placards, buttons, etc for any public event or direct action. Coordinate with EJH Central on use of brand and messaging.

  • Research Committee—recruit and coordinate a team to investigate targets identified by the Steering Committee, providing background towards developing a tactical plan to bring down the approved target. Research may include affiliations, funding, family, education and professional background, social media usage, contributions to other entities and public persona.

  • Advisors—individuals who have information and expertise to contribute, but are not able to serve on task groups due to other commitments or conflicts, are being invited to serve as advisors along with the expertise provided by EJH Central.


How to Join End Jew Hatred Canada


Individuals may join via and specify Canada in the message box.  


CAEF - Launching: End Jew Hatred Canada - An organizing meeting, December 23, 2020




Canadian Vision January 12, 2020


Strategic Plan


Canadian Vision:

A country without Jew Hatred.



Build a Canadian Jewish civil rights & social justice movement.



  • Eliminate Jew Hatred in Canada.

  • Take direct action against those perpetrating Jew Hatred in Canada.

  • Educate, empower & infuse Canadian Jews with great pride in their Jewish heritage.

  • Unite Canadian Jewish Community through the "End Jew Hatred" movement.



  • Create community "End Jew Hatred -Canada" networks across Canada.

  • Provide Jews across Canada with the tools and means to call out, report and confront Jew Hatred wherever & whenever it appears.



  • Provide organizational leadership and resources for networks to draw upon.

  • Promote Canadian top of mind awareness of movement through social media platforms and publicity.

  • Compile "target lists" of Canadian individuals, organizations etc., which perpetrate Jew Hatred.

  • Develop and implement legal, strategic marketing campaigns, specifically designed to denounce, shame, minimize or eradicate a target from said "list".

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