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EJH Report Issue 16 - October 2, 2023

October 2, 2023


We need to stop all Canadian funding to the Mahmoud Abbas-led Palestine Authority and UNRWA (UN Relief and Works Agency) now!

The money is used to fund terror and the education of future terrorists.

The growing global surge of Antisemitic acts against Jews is a direct outgrowth of Abbas-led Jew hating rhetoric. Statistics Canada reports that Jewish Canadians have topped the list of victims of religiously motivated hate crimes. Abbas’s messages reverberate in the proliferation of Antisemitism in the media, politics, academia and even sports, throughout North America and the West. False accusations by him abound, such as Israel practices apartheid, abuses human rights; that traditional Judaism is bigoted and intolerant. When Fatima Muhammad said at the CUNY law school graduation that Israel is a ”project of settler colonialism,” she echoed Abbas.

Genocidal Antisemitism is central to his ideology.

Professor Fred Krantz, Executive Director of the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research comments: “On Campus 'woke' racism links up with anti-Zionist pro-Palestinian groups, isolating Jewish students and 'canceling' pro-Israel speakers. The universities, formerly bastions of free speech, have become islands of suppression, from which the poison of prejudice spreads to our social institutions– from the major media to corporations, to Hollywood, and even sports."

Just weeks ago, Abbas, in front of an international audience, denied the reality of the Holocaust (once again). He also claimed that Hitler wasn’t Antisemitic but hated the Jews because they were money lenders. These people (Jews) were fought because of their social unction related to money, and usury. From Hitler’s point of view, they were sabotaging, and therefore he hated them.” Abbas also said European Jews and their descendants weren’t related to the ancient Israelites, and that today’s Jews have no connection to the land of Israel.

In Abbas’s pay-for-slay program, terrorists who are convicted of killing Israelis, are rewarded with salaries. The murder of innocent Israelis is celebrated by passing out sweets. “I will continue to do this even if the PA is left with one penny,” he has said repeatedly.

His ongoing Antisemitic rants fuel waves of terror in Israel. He has rejected every peace offer and chosen violence and endless conflict rather than building a better life for his people. Abbas is directly accountable for the death, destruction and suffering of thousands of Israelis and Palestinian Arabs.

Abbas’s Jew hatred is directly reflected in UNRWA. In hundreds of its widely attended, Western government-funded schools, Jew hatred is systematically disseminated so successfully that Antisemitism has become part of the Palestinian Arab national identity and a significant motivator for Palestinian Arab terror. In a global survey of Antisemitism, 93% of Palestinians were found to hold Antisemitic views.

According to a new report by 21 NGOs, the UNRWA schools “glorify terrorism, encourage martyrdom, demonize Israel and call for the murder of Jews". Hillel Neuer, head of UN Watch, called it “the exploitation of children as child soldiers,” a form of “child abuse and a violation of international law.”

UNRWA is accountable to none of its donors. It acts with impunity and has publicly stated that it has no intention of changing its policy.

The Taylor Force Act which became US law in 2018, aims to block US economic aid to the PA until it stops its pay-for-slay policy. A hearing began September 27th to determine why this Act is not being implemented. Ending support for UNRWA is also under scrutiny.

What is Canada doing? Our current government has increased its funding to UNRWA to over $27 million in 2022 and it is expected that even more will be donated in 2023. As usual, there were no prior conditions – no demands of changes aligned with Canadian values and morality.

Ottawa purports to condemn Antisemitism, while funding purveyors of the worst Antisemitism in the world.

“Antisemitism is a disease that threatens Jews and affects non-Jews. But ultimately, left unchecked it metastasizes and will destroy democracy,” stated David Harris, VP at the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy.

Doris Strub Epstein, Editor

Copyright ©, End Jew Hatred Canada

End Jew Hatred Canada is the Jewish civil rights movement, fighting for freedom from bigotry, and oppression that denigrates our people, our homeland, our culture. Jew hatred threatens our safety and Canada’s thriving democracy. It comes from all forms of extremism. There is no justice without truth.

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