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'End Jew Hatred: A Manual for Mobilization'

by Brooke Goldstein

I'm thrilled to share that in just a few months, I'll be releasing my latest book, 'End Jew Hatred: A Manual for Mobilization'. The book offers an inside look at the successful strategies that have accelerated the #EndJewHatred movement as well as steps for ending Jew-hatred globally. With my experience as an attorney, author, filmmaker, CEO of The Lawfare Project, and co-founder of #EndJewHatred, I wrote this manual to provide a groundbreaking and pragmatic strategy for empowering the Jewish community and ending Jew-hatred in our lifetime.

We are at an unprecedented age of progress in the fight for minority rights, and now is the time for a civil rights movement for the Jewish people. While activists in the #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements have made great strides for their communities, there has never been a unified, coordinated movement fighting for social justice for the Jewish people. At this moment in history, the world is uniquely positioned to finally extinguish the flames of antisemitism so Jews can be treated equally and fairly everywhere.

'End Jew Hatred: A Manual for Mobilization' underscores the need for a seismic shift in strategy away from pro-Israel advocacy and towards awakening a Jewish civil rights movement. #EndJewHatred is the first global, grassroots civil rights movement of and for the Jewish people, uniting people in the language of social justice and civil rights to demand an end to Jew-hatred in our lifetime. Make no mistake: this is the civil rights issue of our time. I'm appreciative of all of you who support the movement and fight for our civil rights. I invite you to pre-order my book on Amazon and spread the word to everyone you know! Show your support and consider writing a review or comment on Goodreads. I'm grateful for your support and believe that when we come together, we can change the course of history. Together, we can end Jew-hatred in our lifetime.

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