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April 29th is End Jew Hatred Day in New York

Please join us on April 29 at 11:15 am at the Holocaust Museum & Center for Tolerance and Education in Suffern as NY State Senator Elijah Reichlin-Melnick presents his Proclamation declaring that day to be #EndJewHatred Day in the 38th Senate District and recognizing the urgent need to act against Jew-hatred.

We know this, because the Jewish community has prominently participated in virtually every civil rights effort in the American experience, fighting against discrimination and bigotry in all its forms and demanding the equal rights of every member of society. But despite the great advances made in promoting social justice for other minority groups, the Jewish community continues to be subjected to violence and discrimination in the workplace, at school, and in public spaces. Hate crimes directed against the Jewish community have skyrocketed across the country and around the world.

It is vitally important to stand united against Jew-hatred, as we have against other forms of bigotry. Together, we must empower the Jewish community with positivity and strength. We are stronger together.

This is what #EndJewHatred Day is about.

On #EndJewHatred Day - the day after Yom HaShoah - we reflect on the strength of previous generations of Jews that were empowered to fight Jew-hatred.

We draw from their strength to ensure that the intergenerational trauma of the past shall never be repeated.

On #EndJewHatred Day, we contemplate the promise of a bright future that can only be achieved by fighting racism and bigotry today.

We look forward to a future without Jew-hatred. A future in which Jew-hatred is as unacceptable in society as every other form of racism and bigotry.

On #EndJewHatred Day, we commit to working together to achieve this future.

We vow to fulfill our shared obligation to condemn and combat Jew-hatred in all its forms.

We promise a better future for our children and grandchildren.

#EndJewHatred Day is about you, our shared experience, and our collective future.

It is a day that belongs to all of us. It’s a day that every person and every organization can take pride in, because that is what a movement is - strength through unity in a simple message: we will End Jew Hatred in our lifetime.

Please join us on April 29 to accept this Proclamation, and to show our heartfelt appreciation to Senator Reichlin-Melnick. Join us in thanking the Senator for his courage and strength, and in asking all of our elected officials to show the same resolve.

Senator Reichlin-Melnick’s Proclamation is the start of a new chapter in our history - one of positivity and strength to build a better society in which bigotry and Jew-hatred are eradicated.

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