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EJHC Supports Rise Up Ottawa! & Calls for a public inquiry on funding racism among the anti-racists


End Jew Hatred Canada is calling on our Jewish Community to come to our Nations' Capital of Ottawa on Sunday November 6, 2022 to learn and engage in combatting antisemitism in schools. Read and heed the call from the organizers.

Over the past year, we’ve witnessed and experienced an unprecedented and terrifying rise in antisemitism. The fact that it’s happening in our schools cannot be ignored. Jewish children as young as 3 years old are being harassed, gaslighted, segregated, threatened, and attacked.

Antisemitic beliefs have become a global pandemic in education. Everyone has the fundamental right to be safe, especially in school. Human Rights are never up for debate. Now is the time for our ENTIRE Jewish community to come TOGETHER.

No one should stand alone. A plethora of Jewish organizations from across the spectrum are coming TOGETHER to provide opportunities for engagement while supporting our community. VIP speakers include the Honourable Irwin Cotler and a representative from the Israeli Embassy in Ottawa. Professionals will lead breakout sessions for children and adults of all ages. Learn what antisemitism looks, sounds, and feels like in 2022. Understand what to do and where to go when in need.

Highlighting everything Jewish, the immense foyer of our venue, will be filled with a one-stop shop to encourage your involvement in numerous Jewish programs, organizations, and services (e.g., shuls, community programs, businesses, camps). There will be live and immediate opportunities to participate, support, and donate and then enjoy a delicious abundance of Kosher food while celebrating our Jewish identity.

Here is how you can help make RISE UP OTTAWA a huge success.

Donate here, and sign up to volunteer.

Donations over $36 will receive a tax receipt.(No need to tip the 15% as we already pay a GoFundMe fee. Simply slide the tip line to the left at 0.)

Thank you in advance for your generous donation, contributing to making RISE UP OTTAWA a reality. Any excess funds will be donated to the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation to support the continuation of their important work of creating needed materials and lesson plans on antisemitism/antiZionism for educators, parents, and students.

Tickets to this wonderful RISE UP OTTAWA event will go on sale next month. Stay tuned for more detailed information.

Your community needs you. LEARNING together; RISING as one #NeverAgainIsNOW

Taking Action to Confront Racist Antiracism Scandal

We are not passively accepting the Government of Canada's promises to "investigate" the Laith Marouf antisemitism scandal. We demand a full public inquiry, with sworn evidence and full accountability of Ministers Pablo Rodriguez and Ahmed Hussen. One of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation board members, Michael Teper, has initiated this petition under the kind sponsorship of Melissa Lantsman MP. When this petition is approved and released by House of Commons staff next week, we will send a supplementary bulletin calling for signatures. These petitions are important because House of Commons rules require a formal response from the government.

For references about this scandalous situation and the 20 plus years of antisemitic hatred that Marouf has dished out across this country, read here, here and here.

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