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End Jew Hatred Vigil Because Every Jew Counts

On September 2nd, End Jew Hatred Canada, a movement powered by CAEF, held a vigil at Earl Bales Park in mid-town Toronto, for two young men whose lives were cut short by the hatred of others, leaving their families, friends and communities overwhelmed with grief. The entire global Jewish community was struck a blow but stands strong and resolved.

We remember yeshiva student Shmuel Silverberg, killed outside his school in Denver, after 5 hooligans who’d escaped a juvenile facility, hunted him down. We remember Israeli border policeman Barel Shmueli, who was murdered by a terrorist who shot him in the head while guarding the Gaza border and protecting others from rioters.

We remember, and we honour them for they honoured us, and as Jeff Dorfman said at the vigil, one embodied the spiritual commitment to the Jewish people and the other, the physical commitment. Both were spoken of as guardians of Judaism and Israel, as our light and leaders, taken mercilessly by Jew haters, enemies of our people.

Speakers at the vigil included Anita Bromberg, co-chair of End Jew Hatred Canada and President of CAEF, Cantor Michael Black, Mariana Fox, IDF veteran, university student, Israeli/Canadian, Jeff Dorfman, VP of CAEF and several individuals who attended the vigil and voluntarily added their thoughts and feelings. Read story in

Shmuel Silverberg

Barel Shmueli

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