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Guess who just won an Emmy!!

Congratulations to Yuval David for his Emmy Award win this weekend in the category of "Talent: Program Host/Moderator/Correspondent."

In addition to his talents as an actor, TV host, director, and filmmaker, Yuval is an outspoken activist speaking out and taking action on Jewish, LGBTQ, Israeli, and American causes.

Yuval is the Director of Mobilization for End Jew Hatred. He is active in the movement, and he himself faces Jew-hatred regularly, as he openly and proudly shares his identity and advocates on behalf of the rights and protections of Jewish people.

Congratulations, Yuval, for your well-deserved win, all your great work and efforts in entertainment, media, and advocacy!

Read Yuval's op-ed in amNY about Jew-hatred and violence at CUNY schools, and join us on Thursday, June 30 on the steps of NY City Hall to stand in solidarity with the Jewish students and faculty at CUNY! Details below!


Op-ed | Fighting anti-Jew hatred and violence at CUNY schools By: Yuval David June 27, 2022 The level of Jew-hatred is so bad that a hearing called “Examining Antisemitism on College Campuses” needs to take place. And in New York City no less, home of approximately 1.5 million Jews. Even the hearing, scheduled on June 30, is under attack from Jew-haters committed to cancelling it.

Recently, the New York City Council announced it is launching a probe into the incidents of hate and violence attacking Jews at City University of New York (CUNY) campuses. This is an issue that is incredibly concerning for Jewish students, who are oftentimes left out of important conversations because they simply believe in the right to Jewish self-determination, and Israel’s right to exist as an independent Jewish nation.

CUNY campuses have seen Jew-hatred flourish, such as anti-Jewish fliers, purposefully scheduling meetings on Jewish holidays and the Sabbath, hostility and violence toward Jewish students and Jewish groups, and concerted efforts to erase Jewish identity by denying the religious, ethnic, cultural, and historic connection of Jews to their indigenous homeland. In 2020, a CUNY Law student literally threatened to burn a man wearing an IDF shirt, igniting a flame from a lighter. Not only was this student not punished, but she was allowed to speak at the 2022 CUNY Law commencement, where she claimed she was “facing a campaign of Zionist harassment by well-funded organizations with ties to the Israeli government and military.” She even attacked the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York for “normalizing” Jewish existence and the existence of the State of Israel.

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