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Helmi Charif

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Joel Harden
Helmi Charif

Helmi Charif, is a former Windsor municipal candidate, who lost the last election in Ward 3, and is added to our Wall of Shame for his hateful comments about Jews and Zionists. He was identified by Honest Reporting Canada for various hateful comments, such as promoting a theory in Arabic that “Zionists” are somehow “orchestrating events taking place in Ukraine” and that “Western media is controlled by the Zionists.”

He also had been identified as the Windsor representative of the antisemitic and pro-Iranian regime non-profit organization CD4HR, whose founder, Firas al-Najim, has a long history of harassment against the Jewish community of Toronto. Although currently Charif claims he’s no longer associated with CD4HR.

As reported in the Windsor Star, on October 26th , 2022 by Dave Waddell, The Windsor Jewish Federation released statements in Fall 2022, condemning Charif for “several deeply problematic comments” deemed antisemitic that he posted on social media.

Charif’s hatred knows no bounds. He blamed Zionists for the conflict in Ukraine. With recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, he had to offer this take on the situation, as reported by Honest Reporting Canada:

On February 10, Charif wrote the following originally in Arabic regarding recent earthquakes in Syria and Turkey: “Humanity is supposed to bring us together but there are broken human monsters committing massacres against human rights in the name of humanity, these monsters are western governments controlled by Zionist lobbyists and headed by the American administration, they set themselves gods on earth claiming they have justice, human rights and freedom of speech, and chanting their civilizations that have destroyed communities…”

And as if that’s not enough, writing on his Facebook page on February 15 , in a reply to a comment that stated, “Nearly a trillion a year for the Pentagon budget…. The military industrial complex and corporations are the true government of the US,” Helmi Charif wrote, “true and of course the AIPAC (ZIONIST LOBBY) behind them.”

Charif has earned a place in our Wall of Shame for his contribution in promoting the antisemitic conspiracy theory of Jewish/Zionist control of the world.

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