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Sarah Jama

Joel Harden
Sarah Jama

End Jew Hatred Canada regrettably welcomes an addition to our Wall of Shame. Sarah Jama is an Ontario NDP candidate running to represent the people of Hamilton Centre in the next provincial election. As elected representatives in our legislatures are expected to represent all the people in their riding, we have serious reservations about Ms Jama’s candidacy. A sizable portion of the Jewish community may not feel represented by her; Zionism, or love of Israel, is a significant aspect of the Jewish identity of more than 75% of Jewish Canadians. In fact, Jama goes out of way to demonize Israel, the only state of the Jewish people.

Sara Jama supports the antisemitic/racist BDS (boycott, divestment sanction) movement which you can learn about here. She was an active member of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, which believes it’s more important to eliminate Israel than actually support human rights for Palestinians, who live under the rule of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

By the way, she also seems to hate cis while males, having tweeted the following:

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