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The rockets have stopped, but the Jew-hatred continues

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

A week ago, terrorists launched nearly 1,000 rockets from Gaza, indiscriminately targeting civilian populations. Many of these rockets fell within Gaza; not even children were spared from this onslaught of terrorist violence.

Thanks to decisive action that decimated the leadership of the terrorist organization responsible, the rockets have stopped.

But the Jew-hatred that fuels those rockets continues, in clear display around the world.

Instead of coming together in solidarity to support the victims of terrorist violence, we saw blood-lust targeting Jews on the streets of New York and London.

This is what Jew-hatred looks like. This is the Jew-hatred that fuels those rocket attacks. This is the Jew-hatred that results in indiscriminate killing. This is the Jew-hatred that abhors peace, serving only to perpetuate bigotry, violence, and trauma.

Let’s be perfectly clear: “Globalize the Intifada” is nothing more than a naked call for globalized violence against Jews. It is a call for genocide.

“There is only one solution - Intifada revolution.” The world should be weary whenever a “solution” is offered for the Jewish people. We all know how that turned out the last time it was proposed, and we cannot go down this path again. We will not go down this path again.

Now more than ever, we need to stand united against Jew-hatred. We need to stand in solidarity to ensure that the bigotry and hatred that fuels violence is eradicated. We must call out evil where we see it, and demand consequences for the people who perpetuate it.

Just as we have stood shoulder to shoulder to fight for the civil rights of other minority communities, we need to unite to support the civil rights of the Jewish community in the face of ever-growing Jew-hatred and violence. We cannot have a just and equitable society until we rid it of all vestiges of hatred and bigotry.

We need your help. Get involved. Mobilize. Demand action. More than that, take action. We cannot afford to sit by passively as Jew-hatred and blood-lust overtake the world. Silence doesn’t end the violence. Silence is violence.

We will not be silent. We cannot afford to be. We will soon be announcing the launch of a new campus initiative, and welcome new partners committed to the fight against Jew-hatred. Our network is growing, with more and more people empowered to show the moral courage and fortitude to take action. Join our common cause to #EndJewHatred in our lifetime.

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